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triathlonists, kitesurfer, snowboard fun, modern architecture lover

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creative perfectionist, she loves alternative cinema, water and air extremalist 

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We love to travel around the world, we enjoy good design and comfortable life. We know from personal experience that a holiday destination does not have to be intimidating, it has to captivate with hospitality. This is why we invite you to our luxurious, but welcoming and comfortable apartments in Kołobrzeg.


We offer you a short-term rental apartments in Kolobrzeg - the ideal solution for those who need an alternative to hotel stay.

We offer you living like in your own home, but also with a range of services, which were previously only available in business class hotels.


During your stay in the apartments we are 24h available - offering you all the help you need.

In our offer you can find not only carefully designed apartments, we select them and take into account:  the location, proximity to the beach, shops, playgrounds and coastal attractions.


We invite you to Kolobrzeg!

we love pets

*ask about pet friendly apartments


Pn. - Pt.  8:00-16:00

ul. Cicha 7a/a 78-100 Kołobrzeg | +48 570 120 858 

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